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If Found

If Found,
please return to no one.
No one knows who I am.
I lay on the ground,
the unloved son,
you stroll on by
with nose held high.
You assume so much,
where you sleep at night,
that you can afford lunch.
I don’t have that luxury.

If found,
please return to no one.
For I am the forgotten,
the drown trodden.
You look upon my face,
and see an empty space.
You forget me each time
because I am a painful reminder
that life isn’t sublime.
I wish you were kinder.

If found,
please return to no one.
I am the child
sold for sex.
I am the man
no on respects.
I am the wife
covered in bruise.
I could even be you.

If found,
please return to no one.
I’m the one millions have over looked.
My childhood tooken,
no one seems to care
about the child with blonde hair.
You look away,
with no words to say.
You know I can’t speak out,
I will never shout.

My words will find away,
“Be my savior,
be my neighbor”
Every day I pray
that one will come along,
yet each day I’m wrong.

If found,
Please return to no one.

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Among The Sand

Here I stand

A broken man.


There I die

among the sand.


I lived no life

of gratitude.


In my life

stood no magnitude.


For in my life

I shunned the light.


Now in my death

I’m filled with spite.


For all along

I wanted it.


But those who had

saw me unfit.


So here I die

among the sand.

Wishing you had took my hand.