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How Meditation Changed My Life

Seems kind of silly, huh? Meditation: that one thing you see the stereotypical Indian person doing in the movies saying “Ohm” over and over again. But it’s not some cheesy thing, it’s truly life changing.

I started seriously meditating close to six months ago, close to a daily event that I purposefully sought out to practice. Taking a minimum of 5 minutes to sit in silence and been introspective. By being completely honest with myself, how I’m feeling, what I’m concerned about, I allow myself the time to love myself. I think that’s something we’re losing in today’s society is those moments of undeniable self love and honesty. Through meditation I am letting myself be not okay. It’s okay no to be okay, I let myself be angry, or sad, or frustrated. Through meditation I am able to analyze my emotions. Nothing good comes from knee jerk reactions or words spoken out of anger. 

All I do when I’m meditating is remove myself from what ever situation that is bothering me or upsetting me, sit down comfortably, and think. I think about how I am feeling, why I’m feeling like that, and how I can actively change my mindset into one that’s beneficial to not only myself, but the world that I can impact. I can be a light of positivity and love, simply by making sure I’m being proactive about my mental state. The world could be such a better place if we stopped acting through negative emotions.

So, I charge you next time you find yourself angry, frustrated, sad, grumpy, or overwhelmed, take a moment to meditate. Meditate on the root of your negativity, be proactive in changing your environment to promote a positive attitude, and give yourself the time to cool down in order to act rationally and in a way that you’re not hurting other human beings.